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Richard A. Kelertas, Interim Chief Executive Officer and Director
Currently Senior Vice-President of Corporate Development at Allana Potash, Mr.Kelertas has over 35 years of experience in corporate sales, marketing, corporate development, corporate banking and equity capital markets in the natural resource sector in Canada and internationally. He also sits on the board of TSX-V listed Strata Minerals Inc., an early stage phosphate exploration play in Australia.
Chris Davie MSc., Mining Engineering, ACSM, Chief Operations Officer
Mr Davie is a mining engineer and metallurgist whose experience includes operations and project management, plant design and construction, investment fund management and corporate management of a number of juniors in the gold, copper, zinc and molybdenum industries. He has specific experience of Cornish narrow vein mining and the design of plants specific to the type of ores found at South Crofty
Max Missiouk, Chief Financial Officer
Has held several key management roles with numerous public companies.
Kevin Williams BSc Mining, Mine Manager
40 year career in operational mining and tunnel construction. Founding director of Baseresult
David Stone BSc (Hons), CEng, MI MechE, Technical Engineer
50 years engineering experience in mining, power stations, water well projects & oil pipeline construction. Founding director of Basereult.
Allan Reynolds ACSM, Head of Technical Services, Chief Surveyor, Substitute Mine Manager
40 year mine industry career covering all aspects of mine surveying and geology specific to Cornish Mining projects. Senior management member of the Baseresult team that acquired South Crofty Mine in 2001.
Keith D. Russ - PhD, BEng (Hons) Mining Engineering, ACSM, Technical Services Engineer
Two time graduate of the Camborne School of Mines, gaining his doctorate in 1995. Keith has been a highly valued member of the South Crofty project team since 2003. He was responsible for the digital compilation of the historical mine records underpinning the project's substantial exploration targets.
F. Michael Sampson, Senior Underground Supervisor
Internationally seasoned career miner with past experience at two other Cornish mines. A long term member of the South Crofty mine management team.
Chris Tenbeth, Drilling Services Manager
35 years of hands on drilling experience mostly in diamond core drilling on surface and underground. Chris has had a substantial amount of influence in the level of professionalism and efficiency of our drilling operations.
Samantha Rae BSc. Applied Geology (Hons), Exploration & Mine Geologist
Camborne School of Mines graduate, in her two years with us Sam has perfected our core quality and control and developed a thorough understanding of all geological aspects of the project.
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